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Led Grow Bulb manufacturers - astao76 - 05-09-2019

12w plant led grow light bulb
Power:12W Base:E27
Net weight:272g Size: D120MM*H128MM
Packing size:13CM*12.8CM*14.3CM Voltage:AC85-265V
Packing weight:330g Lighting area:2-3 square meters
Material:Aluminum Lifespan:50000 hours
Led chips:12 PCS Led source:1w/pc
Lumen:1080-1200Lm Application:Garden,Greenhouse,Indoor
Inner package:LED bulb* 1 Chip Colors:Red-8pcs,Blue-4pcs
1.Can replace a 2-3 times powerful HPS.
2.Made with 12pcs 1w leds, built-in constant current supply, more efficient and energy-saving.
3.Input voltage AC85-265V, applicative to all the countries.
4.Lamp body materials are aluminum profile, good heat dissipation performance to keep lamps in a good run.
5.Application for all stages, clone, growing and flowering.
6.Ratio can be customized. Red leds are good for blooming, and blue are good for budding and growing.
7.Environmentally friendly, with no harmful substance.
8.SPC technologsuy to make sure super good performance on plants growth.
1.lndoor use only.
2.To avoid being damaged,do not use water or drip irrigation while using.
3.Sunshine lighting time should be 12-18 hours.
4.While irradiating the plants,the height above the plants should more than 10 inches,
low height will cause the destruction of plants.
5.Highly hang the lamp will weaken the energy and affect the growth cycle of the
plants, so the lamp should not be hung too high.
6.While taking care of the plants, please spray the leaves and branches 2-3 times everyday,
to ensure the the plants do not wrinkle a wither, and have no phenomenon of few fruit, and
hard pericarp. Led Grow Bulb manufacturers

RE: Led Grow Bulb manufacturers - piter85 - 31-10-2019

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